Editeur: New England Comics

Auteur: Jeff McClelland
Dessinateur: Duane Redhead, Ian Nichols
Dessinateur de la couverture: Duane Redhead

Description (en anglais):
The Tick celebrates FCBD 2016 with 32 pages of full-color comic book fun! In the all-new lead story, « The Council of Ticks », The Tick and Arthur discover that dimensional rifts have allowed dozens of different Ticks from alternate universes and realities to congregate in the « real » world! It’s hard enough to hide and feed a hundred Ticks…. but an even bigger challenge rears its literally ugly head when a 50-foot tall Thrakkorzog breaks through the dimensional barrier! Can even a warehouse-full of multi-dimensional Ticks confront such a menacing… er, menace!? Plus, two back-up stories, including an all-new story with art by Ian Nichols! Great for fans new and old!

Genre: All Ages

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