Editeur: New England Comics

Auteur: Jeff McClelland
Dessinateur: Duane Redhead, Ian Nichols
Dessinateur de la couverture: Duane Redhead

Description (en anglais):
The Tick celebrates FCBD 2016 with 32 pages of full-color comic book fun! In the all-new lead story, “The Council of Ticks”, The Tick and Arthur discover that dimensional rifts have allowed dozens of different Ticks from alternate universes and realities to congregate in the “real” world! It’s hard enough to hide and feed a hundred Ticks…. but an even bigger challenge rears its literally ugly head when a 50-foot tall Thrakkorzog breaks through the dimensional barrier! Can even a warehouse-full of multi-dimensional Ticks confront such a menacing… er, menace!? Plus, two back-up stories, including an all-new story with art by Ian Nichols! Great for fans new and old!

Genre: All Ages

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