Editeur : Scout Comics

Auteur : TBA
Dessinateur : TBA
Dessinateur de la couverture : TBA

Description (en anglais) : Fall, 1985. When the patriarch of a Florida crime family on the wane is murdered, his will leaves pieces of his criminal enterprise to his illegitimate offspring. These three teenagers each inherit a store in the local Twin Palms Mall, and must decide whether to embrace the family business or try to go legit, all while trying to navigate all of the John Hughes-type drama of high school in the 1980s. Finding a date for the prom is one thing, but doing it with the Columbian drug cartel out to kill you is another. Also featuring advanced previews of four upcoming 2018 Scout Comics titles: Zinnober by Ralf Singh and Thorsten Brochhaus; OBLIV18N by writer Ken Kristensen (Netflix’s The Punisher) and Francesco Gaston; Monarchs by A.C. Medina and Fernando Pinto; and Geneticaa by Paul Jenkins and Joshua James.

Teen Audiences

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